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2016SYW231 DA - 9-storey Residential Flat Building
Panel Reference: 2016SYW231 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Sydney South West Planning Panel
LGA: Liverpool City Council
DA Number: DA-1008/2016
Project Title: 9-storey Residential Flat Building
Project Description: Demolition of existing structures and construction of a 9-storey residential flat building above 2 levels of basement carpark comprising 97 residential apartments and 117 car spaces.

Note: Liverpool City Council is the consent authority and the Sydney West Joint Regional Planning Panel has the function of the determining authority
Address/Location: 1-5 Bathurst Street Liverpool
DA Lodgement Date: 28-Oct-2016
Status: Completed
Type of Development: Capital Investment Value > $20M and lodged before 1 March 2018
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 08-Nov-2016
Capital Investment Value: $24,557,996
Panel Meeting Date: 14-Sep-2017
Panel Meeting Time: 12:30 PM
Panel Meeting Venue: Casula Powerhouse, 1 Powerhouse Road, Casula
Date of Determination: 14-Sep-2017
Determination: Approved
DescriptionDate UploadedDocument Size
Panel decision 15-Sep-2017 466kb
SEE Part 7 01-Sep-2017 5584kb
SEE Part 6 01-Sep-2017 1329kb
SEE Part 5 01-Sep-2017 3261kb
SEE Part 4 01-Sep-2017 16413kb
SEE Part 3 01-Sep-2017 19577kb
SEE Part 2 01-Sep-2017 4423kb
SEE Part 1 01-Sep-2017 6893kb
Design excellence panel minutes 01-Sep-2017 227kb
BASIX and Nathers Certificate 01-Sep-2017 2258kb
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