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2017WES003 DA - Solar Energy System (Photovoltaic)
Panel Reference: 2017WES003 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Western Joint Regional Planning Panel
LGA: Leeton Shire Council
DA Number: 20/2017
Project Title: Solar Energy System (Photovoltaic)
Project Description: Installation of 25.77 MW Solar Farm using photovoltaic panels
Address/Location: Lot 91 DP 751742 and Lot 1 DP 1056420; 176 Fivebough Road Leeton
DA Lodgement Date: 16-Mar-2017
Status: Completed
Type of Development: CIV > $5M - Private infrastructure and community facilities
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 21-Mar-2017
Capital Investment Value: $24000000
Panel Meeting Date: 28-Sep-2017
Panel Meeting Time: 01:30 PM
Panel Meeting Venue: Leeton Shire Council, 23 Chelmsford Place, Leeton
Regional Panel Chair: GORDON KIRKBY
Date of Determination: 04-Oct-2017
Determination: Approved
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