LEP Amendment - Station Street, Menangle (Prev ADV2013SYW001)

Location: Station Street, Menangle

Relevant Planning Authority:  The Sydney South West Planning Panel Planning Panel has been appointed as the Relevant Planning Authority for this planning proposal

Local Government Area: Wollondilly Shire Council

The proposal involves:

Proposed rezoning of land for residential and business purposes.

Exhibition Material

For all relevant documentation please see below.

TAG O tp Report (418kb)
TAG N to Report (6881kb)
TAG N to Report (6881kb)
TAG M to Report (148kb)
TAG L to Report (559kb)
TAG K (1075kb)
TAG J (412kb)
TAG I to Report (1850kb)
TAG H to Report (1302kb)
TAG G to Report (1600kb)
TAG F to Report (78kb)
TAG E to Report (39kb)
TAG D to Report (110kb)
TAG C to Report (10745kb)
TAG B to Report (258kb)
TAG A to Report (12723kb)
Report (1788kb)
Panel appointed as RPA (753kb)
Panel Advice in response to Pre-Gateway review request 10th July 2013 (28kb)
Pre-Gateway Review request to Sydney West regional panel 3rd June 2013 (1658kb)
2015 05 28 Panel Recommendation.pdf (134kb)
Cover Letter (623kb)
Cover Letter 31 July 2014 (133kb)
Planning Proposal Ecological Assessment (9735kb)
Aboriginal Heritage Assessment (5313kb)
Supplementary Heritage Information (437kb)
The Creamery Precinct Strategic CMP (5183kb)
Creamery Essential Converation Work Schedule (1120kb)
Moreton Park Road Mantenance Plan (443kb)
Menangle Rotolactor Essential Cons Work (1228kb)
Water Wastewater Assessment (2888kb)
Infrastructure Delivery Strategy Elton (5769kb)
Bushfire Assessment (4164kb)
Geotechnical Assessment (3266kb)
Transport & Movement Study (19790kb)
Social Planning Assessment (1529kb)
Servicing Report (2241kb)
Visual Assessment Additional Assessment (177kb)
Visual Assessment initial concept (2375kb)
Noise Assessment (5416kb)
DCP Station Street Menangle (7054kb)
Flooding WSUD Riparian (6085kb)
Prelim Enviro Site Assessment (19451kb)
Department report to JRPP.pdf (1765kb)
Original Wollodilly Copy.pdf (260kb)
Amended Gateway Determination.pdf (85kb)
Amended letter to JRPP.pdf (45kb)
Revised Planning Proposal Volume 1 (3767kb)
Revised Planning Proposal Volume 2 (6333kb)
Public Exhibition.pdf (57kb)
Resolution of JRPP.pdf (131kb)
JRPP Agenda.pdf (537kb)
JRPP Recommendation.pdf (133kb)
Letter to JRPP.pdf (58kb)
Submissions report.pdf (1464kb)
Elton Consulting response to submissions.pdf (9838kb)
Revised planning proposal.pdf (6053kb)
Applicants response to submissions.pdf (838kb)
1-Submission.pdf (9759kb)
2-Submission.pdf (16743kb)
3-Submission.pdf (17091kb)
4-Submission.pdf (5217kb)
5-Submission.pdf (1669kb)
6-Submission.pdf (1641kb)
7-Submission.pdf (2140kb)
8-Submission.pdf (10025kb)
9-Submission.pdf (6429kb)
10-Submission.pdf (17848kb)
11-Submission.pdf (18727kb)
12-Submission.pdf (11507kb)
13-Submission.pdf (9990kb)
14-Submission.pdf (12923kb)
15-Submission.pdf (8638kb)
16-Submission.pdf (15794kb)
17-Submission.pdf (12953kb)
18-Submission.pdf (8587kb)
19-Submission.pdf (16573kb)
20-Submission.pdf (17594kb)
21-Submission.pdf (16015kb)
22-Submission.pdf (12432kb)
22-Submission.pdf (12432kb)
23-Submission.pdf (8306kb)
24-Submission.pdf (8297kb)
25-Submission.pdf (15075kb)
26-Submission.pdf (16412kb)
27-Submission.pdf (13556kb)
28-Submission.pdf (7699kb)
29-Submission.pdf (15569kb)
30-Submission.pdf (9456kb)
31-Submission.pdf (1016kb)
32-Submission.pdf (995kb)
33-Submission.pdf (2327kb)
34-Submission.pdf (2767kb)
35-Submission.pdf (2756kb)
36-Submission.pdf (2822kb)
37-Submission.pdf (19440kb)
38-Submission.pdf (5118kb)
39-Submission.pdf (12669kb)
40-Submission.pdf (10054kb)
41-Submission.pdf (18601kb)
42-Submission.pdf (16365kb)
43-Submission.pdf (511kb)
2016 07 28 Panel Decision.pdf (293kb)
Memo_Sydney South West Planning Panel_Station Street_ Menangle (156kb)
Record of Panel Briefing Meeting - 29 May 2017 (547kb)
Public meeting advertisement (153kb)
01. Planning Proposal September 2013 (2814kb)
02. Gateway determination - signed 9_12_13 (1216kb)
03. Planning Proposal 28 July 2014 (5095kb)
04. Department Report to JRPP- 29 January 2015 (1765kb)
05. JRPP recommendation 2013SYW082 - 29 May 2015 (133kb)
06. Gateway determination - Alteration - 11 June 2015 (213kb)
07. Department's Submissions Report - 23 May 2016 (1464kb)
08. JRPP - Panel Public Meeting Decision - 28 July 2016 (293kb)
09. 2016.09.28 - Dept to JRPP re MSB comments - 28 September 2016 (296kb)
10. Applicants additonal information - 04 Nov 16 (7041kb)
11. OEH response - flooding and ecology copy - 22 November 2016 (330kb)
12. ARTC letter - in-principle agreement to pedestrian overbridge - 23 Dec 2016 (85kb)
13. Mirvac advising Department re agreement between SouWest and and South 32 and Mine Subsidence Board removal of Objection - 6 April 2017 (2461kb)
14. Memo to Panel - Station Street, Menangle planning proposal - 3 May 2017 (156kb)
15. Record of Panel Briefing Meeting Station Stree Menangle - 29 May 2017 (547kb)
16. Additional Information from Proponent - 23 June 2017 (10078kb)
16. Gateway Determination - Alteration - August 2017 (180kb)
17. Memo to Panel - clarification of matters raised at Panel meeting 29 May 2017 - 2 August 2017 (138kb)
18. Location of Coal Seam Gas wells around Station Street, Menangle (6881kb)
19. Map identifying land within the 200 metre Coal Seam Gas buffer area (325kb)
20. EPA Response - Station Street Menangle Planning Proposal copy (428kb)
20. Greater Macarthur Land Release Investigation Preliminary Strategy and Action Plan - Coal Seam Gas separation (546kb)
Powerpoint presentation_Regional Team (3692kb)
Panel decision_14 November 2017 (391kb)
Memo_Station Street Menangle (882kb)
GSC Information Note 6 (427kb)
Memorandum response to Panel meeting on 29 May 2017 (136kb)
Panel decision (407kb)

The Planning Proposal and other accompanying documents may be inspected from 01-Jul-2015 until 28-Jul-2015 during regular business hours at:

Information Centre, Department of Planning & Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney
Wollondilly Library, 42 Menangle St, Picton
Wollondilly Shire Council, 62-64 Menangle Street, Picton


Any person may make written submissions on the proposal during the exhibition period.

Submissions should be made via email to PlanComment@planningpanels.nsw.gov.au, or by post to the Planning Panels Secretariat, GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001 clearly marked 'Planning Proposal Submission'.

Your submission must be lodged by close of business 28-Jul-2015 and must include:

  • the planning proposal title clearly marked on the front page;
  • a statement on whether you support or object to the proposal; and
  • the reasons why you support or object to the proposal.

Persons lodging submissions must declare reportable political donations (including donations of $1000 or more) made in the previous two years. For a copy of the disclosure form please click here.

Your personal information is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (PPIP Act). When you make a submission to the Planning Panels we collect your:

  • name (including title)
  • address
  • email (if provided) and
  • any other personal information contained in a political donations disclosure statement (if provided)
Making a submission is entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to provide us with any of your personal information, except as otherwise required by law.

How will your personal information be used?

We may publish online:

  • Your submission.
  • Your name (unless you state that you want your name withheld);
  • Your suburb; and
  • Any political donations disclosure statement.

We may publish any personal information you have included in your submissions on a proposal.
Do not include any personal information in your submission that you do not want published.

We will use your contact details to send you notifications on the particular proposal that you have made a submission on. For example, if the Planning Panel decides to hold a public meeting on the proposal.

Your submission may be published in reports or other documents that are produced following the exhibition period.

We may forward your submission to third parties including other public authorities and Government agencies, local government, or an applicant.

Enquiries: Metropolitan Region (Parramatta) Team on (02) 9860 1534 or Wollondilly Shire Council on (02) 4677 1100