Development and Planning Register

2016WES011 DA - Middle Creek Quarries
Panel Reference: 2016WES011 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Western Regional Planning Panel
LGA: Oberon Council
DA Number: 10.2016.38.1
Project Title: Middle Creek Quarries
Project Description: Extractive industry involving the continued operation and extension of Middle Creek Quarries up to 15 hectares; crushing and screening of extracted materials; establishment of a waste management facility; importation of raw mulch, excavated natural material and treated drilling mud; composting, blending and screening of imported materials; rehabilitation of site to create final landform suitable for agricultural activities
Address/Location: 50 Sewells Creek Road, Oberon
DA Lodgement Date: 19-May-2016
Status: Completed
Type of Development: Designated Development - Extractive Industry
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 08-Jun-2016
Capital Investment Value: $200,000
Date of Determination: 21-Mar-2018
Determination: Approved
Subject to Legal Appeal: Yes
Description of Legal Appeal: Class 1 appeal
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